Electronic Design - PCB Design - FPGA Design - Software Development | Neutronix Design, Oxfordshire

Utilising our Hardware design capability, Neutronix have full PCB design capability. We have extensive experience in designing high-speed PCB boards ( e.g. 1Gb/10Gb Ethernet, PCI, PCI express, Wifi, Wide bandwidth amplifiers)

Our Design Process

Step 1

Identification of critical nets
(e.g. Controlled impendence tracks, High speed tracks, A/D and D/A data )

Step 2

Verification of the schematic rules against critical path.

Step 3

Verification of the PCB footprint against the data sheet.
We do this  on all components even, resisters, capacitors.

Step 4

Verification for valid rules across all of the schematic.
(e.g. Definitions of AGND, DGND, different power, high speed nets)

Step 5

Creation of the PCB size and shape.

Step 6

Definition of stack up, PCB material, etc.

Step 7

Placement of components on the PCB.

Step 8

Route the PCB with the strategy identified in Steps 1 and 4.

We Offer An Initial Professional Consultation For Free

Get in touch to request a meeting in which we will assess your needs and requirements and offer a no obligation quotation.

Your Product, Your I.P

Upon completion of the PCB design, we will send the customer all of the files created dug in production in any format required.

A typical handover pack will include:

●  Gerbers + NC drills.

● Readme.txt file (Notes for fabrication houses).

● Stack layout + material definition

● Pick and place file

● All PCB Design files.

● Assembly drawings.

● Bill Of Materials (if applicable).

● Top Level Assembly (if applicable)

● ODB++ (if required)